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12 Things We Hope to Back in 2019

Seeking out the most daring founders in the new year

With Underscore VC’s newest fund just closed oversubscribed at $140M, we’re doubling down on our investment thesis and seeking out the most daring founders. As part of that, we run the #12DaysOfFunding twitter campaign, a fun play on the 12 Days of Christmas, as a way to highlight 12 areas or things we’ed like to back in 2019.

Day 2: Applications and IoT to capture our world for training AI, including new and improved sensors to digitize experiences that before now required human sensing (e.g. smell and taste).

Day 3: Human-centered AI that enhances and blends the best of human nuance/depth/versatility with the speed/scale/resilience of AI.

Day 4: Ambient intelligence that blends seamlessly into the background and inspires timely and context-rich action in addition to enabling workflow automation.

Day 5: Data for machine learning that was synthetically generated.

Day 6: AR commerce solutions that make the digital world feel real and enable you to easily find what you really want/need.

Day 7: Conversational commerce solutions that enable discovery and/or transaction.

Day 8: Applications and intelligence enabling personalized, consistent, and seamless customer experience across channels for B2B and/or B2C customers.

Day 9: Computer vision-enabled products that close the feedback loop between users and their environment via actionable insight.

Day 10: Analytics, management, and orchestration of APIs, microservices and (serverless) Functions to enable dynamic applications with more user-centric design, easier, Dev and less Ops!

Day 12: Big markets and problems are important, but nothing’s more important than the people behind the breakthrough ideas. So on the 12th & final day of Xmas, my true love gave to me… Bold entrepreneurs with conviction, and passion.

Did one of these Christmas wishes strike a chord with you? Maybe you’re the bold founder we’ve been looking for? If you think this could be the case we would love to hear from you – Get in touch and tweet us here!