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Introducing The Talent Tracker

Are you an A+ player ready to tackle your next challenge?!

Your company is only as extraordinary as your people. That’s exactly why we channel our energy into people and hiring. In fact, you might be surprised to know just how much time we spend discussing hiring — Lily Lyman reflected on this in a piece about the perils of hiring for culture fit.

If you’re an A+ player, there are countless ways you can exercise your talents. But hopefully, you want a role that’s meaningful and fulfilling — A role that aligns with your passion… (We want that for you too!)

Our portfolio companies and Core Community partners are always looking for next level talent with a passion aligned with their opportunities. And as stewards of the community, we fancy ourselves as a matchmaker of sorts.

If you have an interest in working for an Underscore portfolio companyand/or a company in our community, we hope to make a match!

Now’s your chance! Apply to connect with open roles.

The goal is to make this easy for job seekers.

The Talent Tracker (think of it as a reverse job board) shouldn’t take more than 5–10 minutes to complete, and it will help us align your interests and work experience with the needs of our portfolio or community companies. By selecting your ideal function, domain and company stage, we’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for in your next role. You’ll then be contacted (either by someone at Underscore or by the company itself) if there is a potential fit for an open role.

Can anyone apply?

Yes! Whether you have 2+ years of experience or 30+ years, our portfolio companies and companies in our community, look for candidates from all levels of experience and background to apply. Underscore companies are mostly earliest-stage in the SaaS applications and infrastructure space.

When should I follow-up after I apply?

These things tend to take time. If we haven’t been in touch, we haven’t yet found a job opportunity that matches your experiences and interests. We wouldn’t want to waste your time with roles where there is not a fit.

Keep in touch with Underscore

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