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#StartWithEight: It’s Time to Bridge The Gap

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we at Underscore VC are incredibly excited to be partnering with and supporting the #StartWithEight initiative alongside other great Boston firms like NEVCA, Flybridge, and G20 Ventures, led by Alpha Edison.

Research shows that only 2% of venture capital funding went to female founders in 2017. Alongside that abysmal statistic, only 8% of partners at top venture capital firms are women. To go even deeper, only 18 black female founders have ever in history raised over $1m for their companies as of February 2016. Clearly, there is a huge issue.

We believe these statistics need to be addressed and changed, and not nearly enough has been done to start that work. Feeling guilty won’t cut it; change starts with conscious decisions, and our team at Underscore is committed to being a part of ensuring that women have more opportunity and access to share their ideas.

In the month of March, we will meet with at least 8 women who are founders, potential board members, potential early employees in our portfolio and more. The time is now to bridge the gap and create meaningful connections that foster more diversity in venture capital and the startup world.

Know anyone in the Boston area who we should meet with? Tweet or DM us at @UnderscoreVC to let us know! We’re starting with eight, and will keep these conversations going all month long.