The 20 Minute VC with Michael Skok

The 20 Minute VC is an outstanding podcast hosted by Harry Stebbings, a young entrepreneur who has interviewed hundreds of great investors and entrepreneurs to share more with startup community of how venture capital works for the inside. Harry has loved the venture industry since he first watched the Social Network at age 13 and now runs one of our team’s favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs. Thanks to a kind intro to Harry from TechStar’s Ty Danco, we were excited to have our very own Michael Skok interviewed on this week’s show.

You can listen to the episode here.

In the podcast, Harry asks questions like:

  1. How Michael made his way into the wonderful world of VC with Underscore?
  2. From Michael’s listening tour, what did he discover that entrepreneurs wanted in an investor?
  3. How did Michael present the innovative model of Underscore to prospective LPs? What was their response? What did Michael look for in the LPs he selected?
  4. What does Michael mean when he says you have to create minimum viable segments?
  5. How does Michael view market creation? What his framework for this?