6/29 | Core Commerce Dinner

6/29 | Core Commerce Dinner
June 18, 2017 Rob Wu

This is a private event for members of the Underscore VC Community and invited guests only.

The field of cloud intelligence is inherently fast moving and always innovating. As investors we are constantly exploring emerging technologies in this space and better understanding major advances in established domains where new startups are finding opportunity.

This dinner will provide an intimate, curated environment for a group of your peer commerce though leaders to discuss a key questions many of us think about: What will commerce look like in a decade and what are the underlying technologies and platforms needed to power it?

We will guide the conversation based on your key areas of interest, but some questions we may cover include:

  • What role does brick-and-mortar play in the future commerce experience?  Where and how will commerce take place in the future?
  • How will the emergence of experiential commerce, VR/AR, conversational commerce, etc. play out in mainstream commerce experiences?
  • How will the supply chain change to enable more efficient eCommerce experiences from manufacturing to distribution to fulfillment to last-mile delivery?
  • What will the future infrastructure and interface for payments look like in commerce?  What role will cryptocurrencies play and how will the industry react to the removal of payment intermediaries?
  • As the current paradigm of monolithic commerce platform becomes fragmented through API-driven microservices based applications, what will be the focus of the next generation of commerce application and how will it play with the current ecosystem?  What new needs will be able to be solved that may currently be ignored?
  • How will advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies enable retailers and brands to learn about their customers and deliver product to them in more intelligent ways?
  • How and when will brands and retailers adopt to all of these forthcoming changes?

Underscore VC’s Community is a group of top technology leaders in Boston, and beyond. We have curated the group that will join this dinner to ensure an intimate environment that will facilitate meaningful conversation. Over dinner we will encourage discussion so you can collectively share best practices, learn from each other and make meaningful connections, new and old, that have personal and professional impact long-term.

To optimize conversation, we will limit the number of attendees at this dinner to about a dozen people, so we require that all individuals request a seat using the form on the right.

Event Details

Date: June 29, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Location: Dinner location will be provided with a confirmed invitation and will take place at a restaurant in the North End.

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