Author archive for Michael Skok

  • The Power of Entrepreneurship Education

    When we first started Underscore.VC, we staked out a core commitment that we would support entrepreneurship education, and we brought…

    by Michael Skok
  • Giving Thanks to Entrepreneurs

    Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday because it’s not about the presents, it’s about people’s presence. In that spirit, we’d like to…

    by Michael Skok
  • Innovation! Your Imperative Whether You’re a Startup or a Global 1000 Company

    You only have to look at the startup landscape and the changing ranks of the Global 1000 to realize that…

    by Michael Skok
  • Why We Are Proud to Invest in Zaius

    This story begins with a question: How can a business get a unified picture of their customers across all their…

    by Michael Skok
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