Introducing the new Startup Secrets

Introducing the new Startup Secrets
June 17, 2016 Rob Wu

Designed to be a source for aspiring and in-flight entrepreneurs to think through key areas of their startup and gain a competitive advantage; Startup Secrets was originally created by Michael Skok, Cofounder and Partner at Underscore, in conjunction with the Harvard iLab four years ago. Since then, Michael has partnered with a variety of exceptional entrepreneurs to create content that stands apart by providing frameworks that are broad enough to be widely applicable, yet tangible enough to be applied to specific phases of a company’s growth.

“Thanks for all your teachings, they have been the single biggest contributor to company revenue” — Timothy

“LOVE the program you have built… highly recommend this to new and serial entrepreneurs.” — Andrew

This underlying philosophy has received some exceptional praise over the years, and it’s sprinkled throughout this post and more can be found here, where we welcome your feedback.

But, we have to admit that as the body of content grew, the experience of using Startup Secrets online became difficult to navigate; hierarchies were unclear and content would appear in multiple spots with no single source of navigation. It was clear that the site could be improved, so we’ve devoted a significant amount of time – along with the amazing team at Underscore – to redesign it from the ground up.

“This is so great! Pure ecstasy for any entrepreneur.” — Daniel

“Just wanted to say that the sheer quality of the material you generated on Startup Secrets and for entrepreneurs is  *THE BEST* I have seen. Really, truly is…” — Surj

We wanted to develop a new home that was both easy – easy to access, easy to navigate and easy to understand – and scalable to incorporate new content over time. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the newly redesigned Startup Secrets website, powered by Underscore.

Startup Secrets Content

The new site design includes the following elements that formed naturally from preexisting Startup Secrets content:

  • 11 separate units that include a main workshop, tangible case studies and illustrative articles,
  • A clear hierarchy within each unit to make all relevant content easily accessible,
  • An easy way to engage with the content and community through commenting and social sharing.

This first version of the new site, however, is only the beginning of the new Startup Secrets. Not only will the site evolve with more features over time, but we aim to update the existing content to be as accessible, meaningful and impactful as possible by elevating the key concepts and frameworks.

“Concepts like MVS, pain/gain ratio and 4U Need are pure gold” –Daniel H

We’re also committed to frequently adding new content. Just this week, we’ve added an article called ‘The Power of One or Many?’ that focuses on customer success and features case studies around great entrepreneurs from Demandware and Acquia.  

Ultimately, we aim for this site to become a platform for a strong community of engaged entrepreneurs, giving everyone a chance to meet, engage and learn together.

“I learned more in thirty minutes talking to you than I did in months of isolated research! Your feedback helped me find some solid ground in key areas, and it also catalyzed/prioritized some crucial downstream decisions. Thank you.”  — Logan

But more to come on that later.

In the meantime, check out, sign up for the weekly newsletter and engage with the content, leave your comments, questions and feedback on the program here!

And if you have any feedback or suggestions on how the website or existing content can be better displayed, or would like to be featured in future content – whether it be through writing an article or helping develop a case study – please email

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