Tanner Elvidge

Tanner Elvidge


Tanner was _Underscore’s first Associate, joining in January 2016 to help with the company’s initial buildout. Before joining the firm, Tanner led the funding arm at IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator, and had experiences at The Boston Consulting Group and Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo (GMO).

What are you passionate about?

Growth. I find my fire in environments that challenge everyone to break out of their comfort zones and bring whatever they’re doing to the next level. That mentality extends across everything I do, from classes and work to hiking, skiing and photography. If I’m not growing or helping others to grow, I’m not moving forward.

Why join Underscore for your final co-op experience?

I couldn’t decide between working in venture capital or at a startup. Underscore presented a unique opportunity to experience both. It was also immediately clear to me that the team would not only continuously push me to grow, but also value my opinion as an equal member. That mindset clearly extended into the work that I was given from day one here. I had the opportunity to build tools, drive large strategic projects and add a voice to the culture every day.

What makes you most excited about going back to classes?

Going back to class is always bittersweet after co-op, but I’m excited to be going into my last semester. I have a great class schedule with interesting courses (no more pre-reqs!) and … I’ll be graduating!

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