Mike Schumann

Michael is a fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), specializing in venture-backed and growth-stage B2B technology and SaaS companies. His expertise lies in business development, sales, marketing, and customer success, with a primary goal of driving revenue growth and scaling clients’ businesses. As a fractional CRO, he offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking executive-level expertise without the commitment of a full-time hire. Collaborating closely with CEOs of Seed and A-round B2B technology and SaaS companies, Michael understands the unique challenges and growth opportunities they face. He develops and implements revenue growth strategies to drive sustainable success in the long term. Michael’s approach revolves around building robust revenue engines and implementing market strategies to drive revenue generation. By identifying ideal customer profiles and leveraging data-driven insights, he helps clients capitalize on growth opportunities and increase revenue. Hiring a fractional CRO like Michael allows businesses to benefit from the expertise of a seasoned revenue leader without the costs associated with a full-time hire. Whether you need support in business development, sales, marketing, or customer success, his services provide a comprehensive solution. In addition to his expertise as a fractional CRO, Michael provides clients with access to a trusted network of partners who specialize in various critical areas of business success, including digital marketing, customer expansion, and operational streamlining. With his proven track record in driving revenue and scaling businesses, Michael acts as a reliable revenue engine for clients, identifying growth opportunities and implementing effective market strategies. Hiring him as a fractional CRO opens up new growth opportunities and unlocks your company’s full potential. His experience includes revenue leadership roles at companies including Salsify, HourWork, MassChallenge, and LoJack and working with clients in the AI, data, healthcare, IoT, marketing technology, fintech, and operations industries.He lives in Somerville, MA with his wife Sara and their 7-year old daughter Annika.