01Daring to Change the World for the Better

Investing Early

We support you, the bold entrepreneurs building iconic companies and daring to change our world for the better. We do this by surrounding you with a community of proven talent aligned to your individual needs and uniquely incentivized to champion your vision. Together, we look to make Boston the place to grow your venture.

02Supporting Uniquely Qualified Visionaries

Most VCs simply make intros into their networks. Underscore goes a step further by financially investing in their Core Community advisors so they take helping you seriously - It makes all the difference.

Rob Gonzalez
Co-Founder, Salsify

Underscore has been incredibly valuable in helping us navigate the ups and downs of running a startup. Not only are they fun to work with but they’ve also invested the time to understand our business.

Sharon Goldberg
Co-Founder & CEO, Arwen

Unlike other VCs, Underscore has built its operating model on the knowledge that moonshots are only accomplished through a communal effort of shared responsibility.

Rahkeem Morris
Co-Founder & CEO, SYRG

Underscore is a hands-on early stage investor that truly acts as a trusted partner to startups. We love how their Core Community surrounds us with the resources we need to build our business.

Rebecca Liebman
Co-Founder & CEO, LearnLux

Underscore is more than an investor - They're an extension of our team, actively working with our fast-growing company to refine our strategy and unlock the next level of customer growth.

Mark Gally
CEO, Zaius

Underscore is a partner in the truest sense of the word. And they’re focused on where the puck is going, not where it’s been - those are the people we want as partners.

Jim Crowley
Co-Founder & CEO, Forge.AI
Rob Gonzalez, Co-Founder, Salsify
Sharon Goldberg, Co-Founder, Arwen
Rahkeem Morris, Co-Founder & CEO, SYRG
Rebecca Liebman, Co-Founder, LearnLux
Mark Gally, CEO, Zaius
Jim Crowley, Co-Founder & CEO, Forge.AI

Uniquely Qualified Founders

We’re fortunate to work alongside visionary founders who are investing their lives to solve meaningful problems. They have what it takes to challenge the status quo and go the distance.

About Underscore

04Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Changing Venture For Good

We’re on a mission to change venture for good. We recognize that today capital is a commodity - however, your life isn’t. So we’ve rewritten the rules of VC with a differentiated venture model that aligns founders with an expert Core community, and provides you with dynamic capital from socially responsible LPs - because some money is in fact greener.

05A Team on Your Mission

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

The Underscore team is a diverse mix of seasoned founders, entrepreneurs, operators, and investors. Above all else, we’re listeners and learners who are united in our belief that it’s all about you and your mission.

Building a company is a team sport and having Underscore and the Core on your team is a game changer for any founder.

Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson
Co-Founder, CloudZero