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Core Community

The Underscore Core is an extraordinary community of several hundred proven entrepreneurs, business builders, and domain experts in Boston and beyond. Through the Core, founders receive the benefits of the right expertise, from the right people, at the right time - all on Underscore’s dime.

The Underscore Core

Today, capital is a commodity. That’s why we created a unique venture model that prioritizes the most important ingredient to a startups success: an aligned and proven community to help you build your business at every stage of your multi-year journey.

Now several hundred strong, the Underscore Core is comprised of top entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, up-and-coming talent and domain experts who not only support each other as peers but also are uniquely incentivized to help Underscore source, select, and support portfolio companies.

Through a curated and wide variety of personalized programs and events, Core Members enjoy regular connections and learnings from a high-caliber peer network. They’re also presented with rewarding opportunities, through an opt-in system, to support the Underscore portfolio.

Structured by domain, company stage, and job function, the Core is easily navigable for founders seeking aligned advisors. Those that are selected by the founders, and accept the role of serving as a Core Partner, are compensated with equity from Underscore in the company they partner with.

What does that mean? It means these valuable advisor shares come at zero cost to the entrepreneurs. To date, because of this unique model’s proven results, Underscore has allocated millions of dollars to Core Partners, making them truly aligned to your success.

Core Partners

A Group of Aligned Advisors

Core Partners are a group of aligned Underscore Core Members who serve as valued advisors to Underscore portfolio companies, providing them with time, connections, mentorship and expertise. The frequency of interaction and the type of support is mutually defined between the Core Partner and founder.

In return for serving as an advisor and helping entrepreneurs build enduring companies, Core Partners are compensated with equity shares in the company they’re supporting. The shares that Core Partners receive come out of Underscore VC’s investment carry, meaning they are 100% non-dilutive to founders.

Core Events

Whether you join us around the table at a Core Dinner, as part of a roundtable discussion at our Core Summit, over drinks at a Core Cafe, in front of a whiteboard at an educational Core Workshop, a Core Pitch to meet new entrepreneurs or at any of the dozens of events and workshops we host annually, we can promise one thing — you’ll learn new things and meet exceptional people working at the cutting edge of technology and business trends.

Interested in Joining the Underscore Core?

We’d love to learn more about you and explore if you may be a fit to join us in supporting transformative entrepreneurs.