The Core Community

Meet the Underscore Core, a curated community of proven business builders here to partner with you at every stage of your journey.

Join top entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, rising stars, and domain experts who support each other as peers and are uniquely incentivized to help underscore source, select, and support portfolio companies.

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Man and woman working on a project together in an active office space.
Mark Roberge and Sooah Cho on a stage at Core Summit 2019.
Man and woman having an active discussion at a round table.
A grouping of Core Members gathered around outside in lawn chairs facing a white board.
Shopify Co-Founder, Tobi Lutke, speaking with Lily Lyman and Gail Goodman on stage at Core Summit 2019.
Three woman engaging in a discussion while drinking wine under twinkle lights strung to the ceiling.
Man with ice pick smashing an ice block at a future of blockchain event.
Two men and a women drinking champagne at a founder appreciation event.
Three men and one woman standing on a stage post breakout session.
A crowd gathered around Underscore VC's community Manager Jenni Goodman.

Core Members

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Core Partners

Core Partners work closely with Underscore to help source investment opportunities and/or advise portfolio companies. In return, Core Partners receive a portion of Underscore’s returns on the company via an interest grant in our Core Fund. What does that mean? It means valuable advisor shares come at zero cost to the founders Underscore backs.

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