Blockchain Core Summit

An intimate gathering of the world’s best thinkers, doers and builders who are leading the development of the future of blockchain technologies.

March 22, 2018
11:30am – 7:30pm
Boston, MA

We’ve all been at far too many conferences the past couple years, sat on too many panels and giving too many keynotes about what we think the future of blockchain looks like. The Blockchain Core Summit isn’t about that.

Join us for a half-day of intimate roundtable conversation with your peers, the top thought leaders from Boston, New York and beyond, who are inventing the next generation of companies and technologies that will enable blockchain to reach it’s maximum potential.

The agenda is simple: Real, intimate, conversations and debates led by your peers. The goal is straightforward: to learn new things, meet new people, and find ways to engage with the Underscore Core Community to build better companies and technologies together.

Blockchain Core Summit Agenda


11:30 AMLunch & Registration
12:00 PMUnderscore VC Welcome Address
We’re excited to share with you our updated Trusted Cloud Intelligence investment thesis and introduce you to some of the best entrepreneurs that we’ve been lucky enough to back.
12:30 PMBlockchain Core Lightning Talks
Learn from your peers who are leading the most important ideas, projects and companies at the forefront of the future of blockchain technology. Talks will be short “lightning” style remarks which will set the stage for questions, conversation, debates and connections throughout the day.

  • The Perils of Custodial Trading & The Promise of Non-Custodial Trading – Sharon Goldberg (CEO, CommonWealth Crypto)
  • Interledger Protocol & Streaming Payments – Evan Schwartz (Engineer, Ripple)
  • The State of Decentralized Exchange – Andrew Rollins (CEO, Dex)
  • Future of Institutional CryptoAsset Trading – Anders Brownsworth (Chief Evangelist, Circle)
  • Winning with Mining Hardware – David Vorick (Co-Founder, Sia)
  • Algorand: The Future of Scalability – Silvio Micali (Founder, Algorand)
1:30 PMBlockchain Core Roundtable: Session #1
Based on your specific interests, you’ll participate in a small, facilitated roundtable to discuss and debate the challenges, opportunities and uncertainties across critical factors influencing the future of blockchain. Simultaneous session will focus on topics including:

  • Future of Crypto Token Communities
  • Future of Crypto Exchanges
  • Future of SmartContract Development
  • Future of the Decentralized Web
  • Future of Blockchain Academic Research
2:30 PM“Block Mining” Competition
Conversation and debate are great, but the real goal of today is to build new relationships and reconnect with old friends, which is always more fun in a competitive activity.We promise that this will be an “ice-breaker” like you’ve never experienced. Blocks will be mined. CPUs not needed. Safety goggles may be required.
3:15 PMBlockchain Core Roundtable: Session #2
A second set of roundtables, based on your interests.  These small, facilitated roundtable will enable you to discuss and debate the challenges, opportunities and uncertainties across critical factors influencing the future of blockchain with your peers. Simultaneous session will focus on topics including:

  • Future of Scalability
  • Future of Self-Regulating Crypto
  • Future of Custody
  • Future of Self-Sovereign Identity
4:15 PMBlockchain Core Roundtable Debrief
Before transitioning into our closing talks and networking with the Boston blockchain and crypto community, we will wrap up the afternoon with a closed door, honest debrief and debate of the conversations had throughout the day and raise questions on where we see the future of blockchain going and the barriers to get there.
4:45 PMBlockchain Core Lightning Talks
A second set of short “lightning” style talks from your peers to build on the conversation and debates from the day.

  • The State of Fiat/Crypto On-Off Ramps – Chris Yim (CEO, LibertyX)
  • ESports & Crypto – Joe Zhou (CEO, FirstBlood)
  • The Future of Self Regulated Crypto – Eric Turner (Director of Research, Messari)
  • Creating Data Sharing Models That Work – Jesse Leimgruber (Founder, Bloom Protocol)
  • Regulatory Landscape: The Future of ICOs and Cryptocurrencies – Jennifer Zepralka (Partner, WilmerHale)
  • The Internet Free from Censorship and Surveillance — Brian Fox (Founder, Orchid Protocol)
5:30 PMUnderscore VC Future of Blockchain Initiative
Underscore VC is in the process of collecting our first-ever industry-wide Future of Blockchain Survey.  With hundreds of thought leaders globally already participating, we will share initial finding and our plans for this comprehensive analysis of the impact, challenges and opportunities for blockchain technology across domains.
5:45 PMFunding Crypto Projects
With more and more entrepreneurs launching crypto projects daily, we are going to ask a controversial panel of practitioners the ultimate question: To ICO, or not? Is the future of venture capital an antiquated and no longer relevant source of funds or is it still a valuable resource in building an enduring crypto company?

  • Brian Fox, Co-Founder, Orchid Protocol
  • Sharon Goldberg – Co-Founder of CommonWealth Crypto
  • Joe Zhou – CEO of First Blood
  • Frank Hourigan – COO and Head of Banking, Satis Group
  • Moderator: Michael Skok – Co-Founder & Partner, Underscore VC
6:30 PMCocktails & Networking

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