Richard Dulude

Co-Founder & Partner

Richard’s life is built around balance. At Underscore VC, he brings a constant balance of broad thinking and narrow focus to his work, architecting the long-term investment discipline for the firm while also digging in deep – and we mean deep – to develop leading-edge investment thesis areas that guide our approach to deploying capital.

Balance also guides Richard’s professional passions. While he’s a true programmer at heart – his children were named after telecommunications protocols – he believes that entrepreneurship is the driving force for the world, and that technology and business are the greatest levers to scale the impact anyone can have. To that end, Richard leads investments behind bold entrepreneurs commercializing emergent and technical technologies such as crypto, XR, AI/ML, and cloud infrastructure.

As a programmer turned entrepreneur turned VC, Richard started his career as a quant at Goldman Sachs and then built out a skunkworks team that launched the D2C eCommerce business at Procter & Gamble. From there, he started his own machine learning startup to mine insights from social media for brands and spent the earlier part of his venture career at Founder Collective before co-founding Underscore VC.

If he’s not programming or pushing from idea to IPO, Richard is probably out keeping balance on the slopes. An accomplished skier (to say the least), he is a former member of the United States Ski Team and alternate to the US Olympic Team in Torino.

Richard has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Masters in Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cornell University.

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