Accounting on Others

The impact of a mentor cannot be overstated. Over the years, I have been very fortunate in stumbling across a few significant mentors in my life. These mentors have been there for me as sounding boards, coaches, and people who I can trust to give me unbiased guidance and advice. When I was first presented with a potential opportunity at Underscore VC, I didn’t know much about the firm or the type of people who worked there. As I started the interview process, it became clear very quickly that everyone at Underscore VC really appreciated knowing more about who I was as a person, what my “superpower” was, and the goals I saw for myself. I saw Underscore as somewhere that really embraced mentorship.

Mentoring is important to me. I was a Resident Assistant and a mentor in the Do Better, Be Better program at Boston University, a coach for numerous associates during my time at PwC, and I started a mentorship program in the Finance department of Audax, the private equity firm where I worked prior to joining Underscore. There is a lot of value in harnessing and passing on collective knowledge and experiences.

As Underscore VC’s first Controller, my initial focus will be on managing the internal finance function, providing investors with useful reporting, and aiding the Underscore portfolio as we back them from Seed to Series A. More importantly, I will be part of a culture that values developing people and their unique skill sets. Nowhere is this more evident than in Underscore’s Core community – a community of several hundred proven entrepreneurs, business builders, and domain experts, aligned to help startups build their business across every stage of their multi-year journey.

It is this community-driven approach to venture capital that makes me beyond excited to have joined the Underscore family! I am excited that I will be around a group of people that have so many unique and interesting experiences to be shared, and that I can use my own unique experience to further build out the firm’s back-office operations, setting Underscore up for its next stage of growth.

Melissa Quick

Outside of work, I enjoy being with my husband, Jon, and our one-year-old son, Liam. When not listening to Elmo songs on repeat, we love to explore the city, try new restaurants, and see the latest shows at the American Repertory Theatre.