What makes Boston a great home for early-stage startups?

While we have investments across the US, and several over seas, we are champions of the Boston ecosystem, and with good reason. With its strong talent pool, tech companies that spawn future entrepreneurs, and its culture of giving back, a strong case can be made that Boston, Massachusetts is the best city for startups.

If you’re a native Boston startup, or a growth-stage company with a Boston hub, you benefit from the city’s unparalleled innovation ecosystem. What makes it unparalleled? Well, it has all the foundational building blocks that must be in place for a startup community to succeed:

1. Risk capital infrastructure: No matter what stage venture you have, Boston has an investment firm for you. The city’s capital management firms can truly take you from idea to IPO. From private equity to growth equity to early-stage venture capital, if you name it, we got it.

2. Labor fluidity: The greatest minds in nearly every industry—of all backgrounds and demographics—have coalesced right here in Boston, making it a great city for entrepreneurs to recruit top talent.

3. Iconic platform companies: An iconic platform company doesn’t consume startups, it spawns them. It does this by creating a culture of innovation that celebrates spin-out businesses. These are companies like Hubspot, Wayfair, Acquia, Drift, and Toast—to name just a few that call Boston home.

4. Research and development: Boston’s top-tier universities are investing heavily in R&D in areas that are certain to play a larger role in society decades from now. And institutions throughout the city are in place to ensure innovations become commercialized products, from diagnostics to cleantech and robotics.

5. A density of innovators that allows for serendipity: As much as it is a metropolitan city, Boston still boasts a small-town feel compared to other similarly known and sized municipalities. The big cluster of players in a small geographic area creates an influx of opportunities for discovery and cross-disciplinary thinking.

6. And a culture of giving back to the next generation: Boston has a deep sense of civic duty, and a culture of propping people up. With the success of local technology companies, there has been an influx of angel investors who mentor and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs.