What sets Underscore VC apart from other venture capital firms?

Underscore has a unique community-driven model.

In founding the firm, we started with a listening tour, asking hundreds of entrepreneurs what they really need to make a business successful. What we learned is that connecting with the right people, at the right time, can make the biggest impact on a company’s trajectory.

For that reason, we created the Underscore Core, a community of top entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, rising stars, and domain experts who are uniquely incentivized to help Underscore source, select, and support portfolio companies.

We know what you’re thinking: Every VC firm has an expert network—how is yours different? Well, one of our portfolio company founders, Rob Gonzalez of Salsify, put it best: “Most VCs simply make intros into their networks. Underscore goes a step further by financially investing in their Core Community advisors so they take helping you seriously. It makes all the difference.”

We do this through our Core Partner program. A Core Partner is a Core Community Member who agrees to partner with Underscore on sourcing, or advising an Underscore portfolio company. We set aside 10% of our profits to be allocated to Core Partners in return for their support. This ensures Core Partners are aligned to a portfolio company’s success in a way that is 100% non-dilutive to the founders.

We like to put it this way: Through the Core Community, you as a founder get connected to the right people, at the right time, all on Underscore’s dime.