Why We Invested in Goldcast: A Superpower for B2B Marketers

The pandemic has had a major impact on many of the ways we work and interact—but nothing was changed so drastically as live events.

Last year, we watched in-person events of all shapes and sizes come to a screeching halt, with organizations shifting to virtual events seemingly overnight. The global events industry has been completely disrupted, and it will never be the same again.

Interestingly, there has been another shift happening in the role of corporate events. Event marketers are starting to own the sales pipeline alongside sales teams and incorporate account-based marketing principles into events. But the existing event platforms have not yet caught up.

These shifts are driving our excitement around an investment we’re thrilled to share with you. Today we’re announcing our investment in Goldcast alongside Afore Capital, AngelList Venture, and prominent angels.

Goodbye, boring (non-converting) virtual events. Hello, Goldcast!

Introducing Goldcast

Goldcast is the only all-in-one online event platform that turns events into revenue. It is built for event marketers and demand gen teams that are looking for a single online event platform to organize, execute, and measure their event’s ROI—all while sharing key metrics and qualified leads with sales in real-time.

Goldcast’s mission is to give event marketers an even bigger seat at the revenue table. They’re ensuring seamless coordination between marketing and sales teams by leveraging event insights to accelerate the sales funnel and ultimately drive revenue.

The Perfect Trio to Seize This Market Opportunity

The founders of Goldcast, Palash Soni, Kishore Kothandaraman, and Aashish Srinivas, were the perfect trio to seize this market opportunity. We had the privilege of meeting them, when they were still students at Harvard Business School, through our Rising Star Core community event—before they had officially launched Goldcast. They later came to us highly recommended by John Keck, one of our portfolio company founders and Core Partners. We knew they had formed a team with a strong blend of MarTech product leadership, GTM sales strategy expertise, specialized EventTech engineering experience, and endless hustle.

As we got to know the team better, it was quickly evident that: A) they are talent magnets, and B) they execute at breakneck speed.

As investors, we meet with countless founders, but it’s incredibly rare to come across founders who take an idea on paper and bring that product to life in the hands of paying customers within a matter of weeks. This truly exceptional execution speed impressed us, as we knew it would be a key ingredient for success in a hot market that is likely to attract new entrants.

Moving Beyond Table Stakes To Actionable, Revenue Driving Insights

The Goldcast team understood from day one that they needed to exceed marketer expectations. Customization, ease-of-use, reliability, and a suite of engagement features are essential elements to a strong all-in-one online event platform, but they’re not game-changers.

What’s game-changing? Deep attendee insights and ROI metrics that accelerate the sales funnel.

The best event marketers know that it’s not what happens at the event that makes it successful, it’s what happens after it (psst… sales). That’s why Goldcast focuses on delivering revenue-driving events with clear ROI. With Goldcast, event marketers generate new leads and accelerate existing opportunities through attribution analysis, attendee engagement data, and aggregate event data—pre, during, and post-event.

In short, Goldcast turns events into revenue-generating programs. And along the way, they’re making event marketers bigger heroes in their own stories.

Larger Than $1 Trillion Market With Explosive Growth

The global event market is already over $1 trillion in size today and is projected to continue to grow at a CAGR of 11+%, reaching $1.6 trillion by 2028. We have already seen this market produce a unicorn, which TechCrunch cited as “the fastest growth story of our era.” But many agree that there’s room for more than one unicorn in this industry given the sheer number of customers of various sizes and industry verticals across many geographies. We’re convinced Goldcast is well poised to be an industry leader with its focus on B2B marketers.

A Customer Obsession Earning Goldcast Customer Love

At Underscore, as we qualify the team and the market opportunity, we dig into how well a founding team knows and understands their customers. And it’s official: Goldcast is customer-obsessed. Not only did the founding team have deep MarTech expertise and previous experiences working with their target customers, but they were scrappy, creative, and relentless in their approach to listening to customer needs.

Today, that customer obsession has paid off. Goldcast is used by mega players, such as GitHub, Drift, and Toast. Of course, we too had to get in on the action! Our monthly Core Collective Series is proudly hosted on Goldcast.

Want to Learn More about Goldcast?

If you’re looking to take your 2021 event strategy to the next level by creating incredible experiences that drive revenue, it’s time for you to check out Goldcast. Learn more here.

Join Goldcast on LinkedIn and learn more about their open roles here.