Why We’re Excited about Soofa

Soofa hosted a ribbon cutting and launch party last night and we could not be more excited. This company clearly has momentum … and this is only the beginning.

Our mission at Underscore is to back transformative entrepreneurs and we are honored to be backing two strong entrepreneurs Sandra Richter and Jutta Friedrichs with our recent investment in Soofa alongside Pillar and Accomplice.

At first glance it looks like the company provides hardware — solar powered benches that double as charging stations and solar powered Internet connected signs that act as modern day bulletin boards.

What we see is the view from the cloud. The massive amounts of data being collected, analyzed and served back to municipalities and property owners in a meaningful way could not be possible without the cloud. Soofa brings the analytics and intelligence to help better measure activity in public spaces, serve their communities with real-time information, public service announcements, as well as targeted advertisements, generating revenue and supporting local businesses.

Co-Founders Sandra Richter and Jutta Friedrichs cut the ribbon at the Soofa launch party on July 27, 2017.


A recent Xconomy article got it right when they said “Soofa’s products sit at the intersection of several trends generating a lot of buzz these days: the development of “smart” cities and urban infrastructure; the proliferation of connected devices; new applications in data analytics; and targeted advertising.”

Soofa’s innovation and vision is truly transformative — enabling municipalities to become data-driven organizations leveraging innovative solutions to improve how they operate, and drive economic development and strategic planning decisions.

Oh, and it is pretty convenient to be able to charge your cell phone when you are out and about.

Learn how Soofa makes cities smarter by putting people first.