You’ve developed a great product, but how do you build a successful company around that product? Regardless of the product innovation, it can take several years to build a company. Markets change! In addition to investing in R&D, you need to prove market acceptance—then repeat and scale through sales and marketing.

In this video, you’ll learn a framework designed to help founders and entrepreneurs with turning products into companies, and includes the best practices for:

Case Study: SolidWorks

John McEleney, former CEO of SolidWorks, discusses how the 3D design company became a market leader. He shares how it can be easy to start a company, but it’s hard to build a business–offering an instructive view of the approaches he took that led to his success and the company’s ultimate acquisition by Dassault Systems. Learn about concepts employed by John, such as:

  • Events forcing actions
  • Perfect is the enemy of good
  • The importance of hiring and creating the right culture
  • Taking incremental steps and his 1-5-0-3 rule

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