Fireside Chat with Dev Ittycheria, CEO of MongoDB

During Dev Ittycheria’s tenure as President and CEO of MongoDB, the company has introduced innovative products, transformed how open source software is licensed, acquired tens of thousands of customers, and rapidly expanded operations around the world.

In addition to his immense success in operating roles, he has years of experience as an entrepreneur, board member, and investor—giving him a unique perspective on business building.

In this fireside chat moderated by Alex Konrad, Senior Editor at Forbes, Dev shares lessons on:

  • Codifying culture
  • Taking a company public
  • Communicating and reacting to bad news
  • The importance of constant learning
  • And much more

Hear the full conversation:


This event was part of our Core Collective Series, a string of events aimed at uncovering and sharing collective learnings from the Underscore Core community.

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