Underscore VC Co-Founder and Partner, Richard Dulude, sits down with Ryan Fox, Development Coordinator at Bitshares, to talk about the future of blockchain and the role Bitshares will play in it.


We keep knocking on the door of the SEC to give us more clarity about what this looks like. I’m very keen to understand what are my personal liabilities, and what are the liabilities of my project and my team members- @bitshares… Click To Tweet


Topics up for discussion:

  • What are the top factors hindering blockchain adoption?
  • What are the top factors accelerating blockchain adoption?
  • Crypto price stability
  • Blockchain scalability
  • Is uncertainty around regulation hindering crypto innovation?
  • Is mining today centralized or decentralized?
  • Can the average person participate as a miner?
  • Is mining becoming more centralized or decentralized?