We’re fortunate to be working alongside these bold brave entrepreneurs who are investing their lives to make an impact, solving meaningful problems. Many are bringing Trusted Cloud Intelligence to life, all are exceptional entrepreneurs.

We invest in companies at the earliest stages.

Even when you’re a nascent entrepreneur looking to discovering meaningful problems we’re ready to get behind you. We look for exceptional entrepreneurs uniquely qualified to pursue an opportunity For most founders, our earliest stage investing means it’s too early for them to share what they’re working on and they remain silent as we seed them. But even as “silent seeds”, we love supporting them in several ways. Beyond the commodity of capital we like to help our entrepreneurs discover, define, and validate their potential ventures. Aligning our Core Community by domain, stage and function, we introduce  the right mentors, gaining access to prospects, customers and talent, or even matching them with their future co-founders. Currently we have several silent seed investments in our portfolio in a variety of domains pursuing their vision in Trusted Cloud Intelligence Thesis such as:

Decentralized web layer

IoT platform for labs

Decentralized data sharing

Blockchain focused investment group

Streamlined legal and financial platform for affinity communities

Enterprise HR and management feedback platform

Personal security network

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Precise navigation solution for commercial drones

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