We Invest Earliest

We exist to support the bold entrepreneurs who dare to build iconic companies and change our world for the better. We do this by surrounding you with a community of proven talent aligned with your vision. Together with our community, we look to make Boston the place to start your first or next venture.

Underscore has an unbelievable network and the team always supports me and Soofa in all we do.

Sandra Richter
Sandra Richter
Co-Founder, Soofa

About Underscore

We started Underscore VC with a listening tour, on a mission to find a better way to empower you to build an enduring company and support your full potential as an entrepreneur.

What did we learn?
  1. Capital is a commodity, but your life as an entrepreneur isn’t.
  2. Talent is your most valuable asset.
  3. It takes an aligned community to build an enduring company.

Aligning our Core to your mission is central to all that we do.

Capital is only as good as the people behind it. When we invest in you, we’ll help you select Core Partners from the Underscore Core that align and integrate with your mission and are able to provide you with experience, connections, mentorship, and expertise, every step of the way. We bring people that have proven how to create meaningful value and we reward them with equity from our investment – meaning their shares are at zero cost to you, the founder.

We’re here for you at the earliest stage.

With $225M under management, Underscore takes pride in supporting you from the earliest stage of your venture. We aren’t hung up on labels. So whether you choose to call it Pre-Seed, Seed or Series-A is up to you. The only thing we care about is getting you the right resources from the start.

Providing dynamic capital to meet your unique needs.

Supporting you from the earliest stage means committing capital in check sizes that meet your unique needs, whether that be a ten thousand or ten million dollar commitment.

Through our Limited Partners, we’re creating a double impact.

We work with an outstanding group of Limited Partners (LPs) representing some of the best children’s hospitals, leading academic institutions, and global foundations dedicated to advancing the well-being of our planet. That means, when we invest in you, we’ll be making a double impact – both for your purpose and in turn helping the meaningful work of our LPs.  

We mean it when we say “founder first.”

Having been in your shoes, we understand the bravery it takes to be a bold entrepreneur. So, above all else, we are respectful of you and your journey. Respect means efficient decision making, fast follow-up, transparent communication, dedicated preparation, and clear boundaries. 

We’re Boston Biased.

We want Boston to be the place you choose to start or expand your venture. But because our focus is always on you, we will go to wherever you are, whenever we believe we and the Underscore Core can serve your purpose.

We geek out on software and infrastructure technology.

We invest across the technology stack, from SaaS applications to cloud infrastructure and edge computing. You can read our umbrella thesis here. 

We believe entrepreneurship is the most powerful source for good.

In turn, we’re creating a virtuous cycle of investing, building, learning and sharing to enable future entrepreneurs.


Underscore and Core Members invest their time, expertise and capital in bold entrepreneurs.


Core Members and Underscore help these entrepreneurs build enduring companies.


Collectively we learn best practices in both entrepreneurship and investing.


We share both learnings and returns so as to empower the next generation of even stronger entrepreneurs and operator-investors.