Underscore VC Events

At Underscore VC we find that magical things happen when you regularly bring together two things that we care deeply about – good people and good food.

Whether you join us around the at a Core Dinner, as part of a roundtable discussion at our Core Summit, over a beer at a monthly Core Cafe, in front of a whiteboard at an educational Core Conversation, behind a stove at a Portfolio Dinner or at any of the dozens of events and workshops we host annually, we can promise one thing — you’ll learn new things and meet exceptional people.

Our Core and Portfolio Events are some of the ways we like to bring our community together.

Core Summit

Once a year we bring together the Underscore VC Core Community, portfolio companies, limited partners and a group of Boston’s best founders, entrepreneurs and executives for our Core Summit. The Core Summit has proven to be one of the best events annually for our community to engage with each other in an intimate environment to learn from peers, share best practices and build enduring relationships. The Summit is an invite only event – please contact us if you’d like to request an invitation.

Video Gallery

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Internet of Things Roundtable

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By, Mike Stankus

CRO Roundtable

By, Adriana Zeman

Cloud Infrastructure Roundtable

By, Rob Mason


Core Dinners

On a regular basis, we bring together our Core Community for dinners to further build peer relationships share their expertise, best practice and foster learning opportunities for up and coming members. Our monthly Core Dinners are a great way for our community to engage within each other through facilitated and curated dinner conversations to share best practices and learn from peers. Core Dinners are typically organized by domain areas such as Open Source, Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc. and function areas such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, etc.

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Customer Success

By, Jeremy Majchrzak

Just Don’t Call it ABM

By, Bryan Semple


Blockchain Core Summit

A domain-focused gathering of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, operators, and academics in blockchain for a day of discussion and debate on how to enable the Future of Blockchain. Attendees cover topics such as the future of regulation, scalability, identity, custody, infrastructure, and more. The Blockchain Core Summit is an part of our Future of Blockchain efforts and survey.

Blog Posts

What’s the Future of Blockchain? Learnings On Crypto Regulation, Scalability, and Identity

By, Richard Dulude

The perils of custodial trading & the promise of non-custodial trading

By, Sharon Goldberg

Interledger Protocol & Streaming Payments

By, Ben Jones


Portfolio Summit

The heart of Underscore VC is firmly rooted in dedication to exceptional entrepreneurs, especially the portfolio companies that we are honored to support. Portfolio Summits are a time to gather portfolio company executive teams for a day of interactive workshops and engaging activities to enable peer-learning of best practices and opportunities for our founders to get to meet each other and build relationships.


Student Summit

Every year, 50 of the top student entrepreneurs from universities across the Northeast are hand-selected to join our Student Summit that takes place during the annual Core Summit. The Student Summit was launched specifically with the Boston academic community in mind, bringing together talented founders as they begin their journey in entrepreneurship. Their programs include interactive workshops and speakers to support and inspire them as they create the next great companies.

Previous participants in the Underscore VC Student Summit have represented some of the country’s best universities, such as:



5 Things I learned from the 2017 Underscore VC Core Summit

By, Alex Topchishvili


Core Café

Join us for monthly Core Cafés and network with Boston tech’s brilliant leaders and entrepreneurs. Good conversations and small bites guaranteed.

Core Conversation

On a regular basis, we run content-driven sessions for our Core Community on everything from best practices in Customer Success to sessions focused on “blowing up the VC black box” and sharing investment best practices with our Core Members.

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