Backing Bold Entrepreneurs

from Seed to Series A

Backing breakthrough technology and disruptive business models.

Together with our Core, we invest across the technology stack, from SaaS applications to cloud infrastructure, fintech, and edge computing. B2B enterprise software, at the application or infrastructure layer, is our sweet spot. However, across our portfolio, you’ll see a diverse mix of fearless founders using AI/ML, robotics, IoT, blockchain, computer vision, AR/VR, crowdsourcing and opensource to solve impactful problems and reimagine the future of commerce, work, marketing, finance, or even healthcare.

What you won’t find in our portfolio are Biotech companies or Medtech companies that require FDA approval or companies that are heavily focused on hardware. We are firm believers that everything is becoming software-driven, data powered and intelligence-led, so we steer clear of pure hardware.  

That said, we don’t back ideas or even companies. We back people. People who are uniquely qualified and purposeful about solving impactful problems and opening up breakthrough opportunities. That’s why it will always be about you. And when we say it, we mean it – Just ask our founders.

We value transparency, so we’ve provided the very same checklist that we evaluate incoming opportunities with. Meet the criteria? Get in touch and share your VC checklist with us!

Opportunity Checklist:

𝥷  Uniquely qualified and fearless founder(s)

𝥷  Authentically driven to go the distance

𝥷  Purposefully solving a meaningful and painful problem

𝥷  Using breakthrough tech and/or a disruptive business model

𝥷  Underscore Core aligns to provide an unfair advantage

𝥷  Looking for early-stage dynamic capital