Headless Commerce Leaders Unite: Elastic Path Acquires Moltin

Elastic Path and Moltin unite to double down on a shared vision of the future of commerce.

Elastic Path, a pioneer in headless commerce, announced January 13th that it has acquired Moltin, the API-first headless commerce service. United, these two industry leaders deliver unmatched enterprise shopping solutions to business leaders looking to quickly and easily transform customer interactions into surprisingly delightful moments.

We’re entering the third wave of commerce. The first was custom-built for the web, the second was omnichannel platforms, and the third will be what’s called invisible commerce. That’s to say, we believe commerce will be invisibly embedded in our daily lives — highlighting only the brand, without technology obscuring the experience. It will be seamless to you as a consumer, empowering to the brand, and will be just an API call for the developer. Underscore has actively invested in this trend, including its investment in Moltin, alongside Salsify and others.

By acquiring Moltin, Elastic Path has created the only solution that makes it fast and easy for every business leader to unleash the power of microservices.

“Our customers want secure, battle-tested solutions that provide the flexibility to cover every commerce experience possible, ranging from websites and retail stores to mobile apps, chatbots, VR and IoT,” said Harry Chemko, co-founder and CEO at Elastic Path. “We have been committed to leading the charge in commerce innovation since our founding, and with the talent and technology Moltin brings to the table, Elastic Path enables every business to deploy revolutionary commerce experiences faster, easier and at greater scale than any other solution in the market.”

In becoming part of the Elastic Path family, Moltin became part of a team of people who not only share their vision for the future of commerce but have built a culture of commitment to revolutionize the way business leaders deliver innovative experiences.

“Together, Elastic Path and Moltin now offer what the market has been asking for: the full flexibility of a microservices platform purpose-built for how businesses want to advance their unique strategies,” said Jamus Driscoll, CEO of Moltin. “In uniting our technologies, plus Elastic Path’s heritage and depth of the team, we have the opportunity to increasingly simplify a very complicated field. This is what businesses want, they want to be able to deliver a commerce experience their way without all of the risk and complexity of figuring it out.”

Moltin Team

Moltin team on their first diligence pitch to our Commerce Core.

The team at Underscore, alongside our Core Partners, is incredibly pleased to congratulate the newly joined Moltin and Elastic Path teams! We’re thankful to the commerce experts in our Core Community for shining a light on Moltin and how the company was at the forefront of the changing needs of the industry. It was their expertise, and our conviction in Moltin’s founders, Adam Sturrock, Chris Roach, and Jamie Holdroyd, that drove us to co-lead Moltins Series A, and to ultimately move their headquarters to the city whose talent would serve them best – Boston.

Moltin Core Members include: 

Moltin Core Members: Moltin Acquired